Gift Aid

United Kingdom Government's Inland Revenue and Customs permit registered charities to recover the income tax paid at the Basic Rateby UK taxpayers on subscriptions and donations to the charity. As a registered charity, Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society is able to participate in this scheme.

Members may opt for the Society to recover tax on their subscription payments by completing and submitting a simple declaration which remains in operation until cancelled by the member or until membership ceases, whichever is the earlier. Opting for the Society to recover tax under the Gift Aid scheme does not incur any cost to the member, though the payments should be declared on annual tax returns. If the member has an income tax liability at the Higher Rate, then they may be entitled to offset the balance of income tax paid over and above the Basic Rate against liabilities for the tax  year in which the subscription payment is made.

Members (or non-members) making a donation to the Society may also opt for this to be included within the Gift Aid scheme.

To participate in the scheme, please CLICK HERE to obtain a declaration form which can be submitted to the Society.

Created 31 December 2010 - John Marsden