Bank Standing Orders

It is always something of a problem to remember to renew your subscription and whilst we do send out a reminder if it goes unpaid, it is still all too easy to overlook it. If you have a UK bank account, to make sure that your membership is renewed reliably every year, why not set up a Bank Standing Order (BSO)?

A BSO is an instruction from you to your bank to pay a specified amount to the Society on the same date each year. The instruction includes your membership number and this appears on our bank statement to tell us you have paid. We automatically renew your subscription when the payment is received.

Unlike a Direct Debit, you remain in control at all times and if you decide you no longer wish to renew, you simply tell your bank to cancel the BSO.

If you have online banking, you can probably set up an annual BSO yourself. Simply arrange for the payment to be made annually on the first day of the month AFTER the expiry month shown on your membership card and for the appropriate subscription depending on whether you are a Single or Family member. Please make sure that your membership number is quoted as the reference to the recipient.

Alternatively, please CLICK HERE to obtain a form which can be submitted to the Society. We will send it to your bank (usually about 8 weeks before the first payment is due).

Created 31 December 2010 - John Marsden