Hints from the Helpdesk

While our Helpdesk at Manchester Central Library is closed, here are some useful hints from our friendly Helpdesk volunteers to help you get more out of your research.

The National Archives Research Guides
Masses of high quality information for free - what's not to like?

The 1841 Census
Often written off as providing much less information than later censuses, you can still get a lot out of the 1841 returns. Find out how.

Squeezing the Most out of the 1911 Census
There is a lot of information on the forms - get the most out of it!

Keeping Track of Electronic Records
Name your documents meaningfully

Using the GRO Web Site and Mother's Maiden Name Facility
Get the most out of this important web site

DNA Testing: How to get the best value for your money
There are a lot of DNA tests on the market. Here are some ways to decide which one to choose.

And if you need help with your research in Manchester...
...why not send your query to our Virtual Helpdesk team?.

[Last updated 9 July 2020- John Marsden]