Members' Interests

A CDROM of members' research interests was last published in 2006 but is now no longer available. The surname interests included on the 2006 CDROM have been transferred to this online database and subsequent new listings have been added online. Updates are published in each issue of The Manchester Genealogist. Following the introduction of the online system, there have not been and will not be any further listings published on CDROM.

Searching Members' Interests Submitting Members' Interests
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Use by Searchers

The members' interests database is open for searching by members and non-members alike and non-members are encouraged to make use of this facility.

Contacting Submitters

Where the submitting member has added their e-mail address to the database, it is possible to send an e-mail message to the submitter to follow up possible shared ancestry. The submitter's e-mail  address is not visible but enquirers will learn this when the submitter replies direct.

If the submitter has not made his/her e-mail address available, postal contact details may be found by referring  to the back issue of the Manchester Genealogist magazine indicated These are available to MLFHS members in the member area of this web site. The search results will indicate which is appropriate.

Alternatively, a letter may be sent to the Society in a stamped, un-addressed envelope and we will be pleased to forward to the submitter's last-known address.

The facility to for members to enter and edit their surname research interests is now accessed by logging into the member area

PLEASE NOTE: All interests submitted for publication online will also be published in The Manchester Genealogist with the inclusion of the submitting member's name and postal (but not e-mail) address. If you do not wish this information to be published you should not submit interests to this system.

Use by members Only

The submission system is only for the use of Society members who are encouraged to add their interests to the database using our online service. This allows interests to be added and deleted at the member's convenience and reduces the amount of work which has to be done by our volunteers.

Security of e-mail Addresses

Members who submit interests online are encouraged to include their e-mail address so that enquirers may contact them by e-mail. This process is anonymous in that the submitter's e-mail address is not visible to the enquirer. Addresses are held in a secure database so that members can be confident that inclusion will not result in unwanted messages or inclusion in SPAM mailings.

Submission of Interests on Forms

This is no longer possible. All data entry must now be done online by the member concerned.

[Amended 1 November 2015 - John Marsden]