Member Articles

The articles in this section were either published in past issues of The Manchester Genealogist or are lengthy articles by members which have been published in synopsis but appear here in their entirety.

Copyright on all articles remains with Manchester and Lancashire FHS unless stated otherwise. Requests to reproduce any article in whole or part should be addressed to the Society.

The Roles of William and John Henry Royle in the Development of Pool Plat, Flixton
An eight part article by Stephen J. Dickens which is published here in full.

Phillips Park Cemetery, Bradford
Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist 37/4, 2001, this article by Joan Gill provides a history of the cemetery and an account of the flood of 1872 which caused considerable damage there.

A Brief History of Cremation
Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist 37/2, 2001, this article by John Marsden explains the history of cremation in England and the establishment of Manchester Crematorium.

Married at the Coll and Parish Church of Manchester
Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist 34/4, 1999. Stuart Cunningham discusses the reasons for the large number of marriages which took place at the Collegiate Church in the 19th century.

Married in the Cathedral
Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist 39/1, 2003. This contemporary account of 'mass' marriages at Manchester Cathedral complements Stuart Cunningham's earlier article on the subject.

Always Turn The Page
Manchester Genealogist issues 42/2 (2006) through to 43/4 (2007) contained a series of articles by Ronnie Robinson titled "Always Turn the Page". Ronnie's nephew David Robinson has worked with Ronnie to compile this extensive history of their Robinson family from the 17th to the 21st century.

Manchester Genealogist 25/3 (1989). Listing of those killed and injured in the Peterloo Massacre with lists of the presiding magistrates and members of the Manchester Yeomanry. Believed to have been compiled by Walter and Malcolm Bee.

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