More about MLFHS

MANCHESTER & LANCASHIRE FHS was formed in 1964 and is now one of the largest family history societies in the world. Although the Society is united by a common interest in Genealogy and Family History, members also pursue interests in closely related fields. Many are also local historians, whilst others share an interest in the application of computers to genealogy. The Society and its Branches, between them, offer around 50 meetings a year at which an invited speaker or a Society member will speak on a topic of genealogical interest.

THE SOCIETY incorporates four branches representing specialist interests. Each Branch organises its own programme of monthly meetings over and above those of the parent Society and undertakes locally-based or topic-based projects. Membership of Manchester & Lancashire FHS includes membership of any or all of the Branches free of charge.

WE ARE A CHARITY, registered under UK charity legislation (Number 515599). We operate within the terms of a published constitution which invests the management of the Society in an Executive Committee of Trustees elected from the Society membership. The Trustees meet six times each year to agree strategy and policy. The Society is funded by subscriptions from its members and through commercial activities such as the sale of publications and charges for courses etc. All of the income is applied towards achieving the Society's aims. There are no paid employees.


Research Support

ON JOINING THE SOCIETY, you will receive a Factpack which includes our handbook to introduce you to family history sources in general, and sources for research in the Manchester & Lancashire area in particular. Assistance and advice on how to begin tracing your ancestors, or on any problem encountered is offered through the pages of the Society's Journal, at our Help Desk at Manchester Central Library or via our thriving e-mail group. There are regular topic-based courses courses for beginners.

Help Desk

MEMBERS WILL BE WELCOMED at our Help Desk in Central Library. Volunteers will be pleased to show you the range of resources available to further your research and to assist you in getting the most out of them. The Help Desk is open every weekday, Monday to Friday, excepting Bank Holidays, between 10.30am and 3.30pm.

The Manchester Genealogist

OUR QUARTERLY MAGAZINE, the Manchester Genealogist, is published and sent free of charge to your home address. This has articles of general interest, book reviews and up to date information on the latest developments in genealogy. The magazine also includes sections devoted to each of the Society's Branches. You can advertise queries and requests for help, free of charge. Surnames being researched by members are listed in Members' Interests supplements which accompany each issue.

Member Area THE MEMBER AREA OF THE SOCIETY WEB SITE contains a variety of indexes and documents unavailable elsewhere. These include a database of over 7000 newspaper references to persons cremated at Manchester Crematorium and an expanding database of memorial inscriptions. You can register for access to the member area as soon as you have a membership number.
Volunteering THE SOCIETY IS WHOLLY RUN BY VOLUNTEERS. There are regular opportunities to help with our activities from helping to run our meetings to dealing with office administration. We offer a daily help desk for the public at Manchester Central Library and expect to have some opportunities for new volunteers as this expands.
Projects THE SOCIETY IS CONTINUOUSLY INVOLVED in the transcription and indexing of documents of local interest such as parish registers. We are also involved in the LancashireBMD project to index local civil registers of births, marriages and deaths. There are opportunities for you to become involved in these projects either working on-site or from home. Members are encouraged to undertake projects of their own, whose results can be shared with other members and we will welcome your ideas for new projects.
E-mail Forum IF YOU USE THE INTERNET and have an e-mail address, you can join our e-mail forum. Messages posted to the forum are broadcast to all of the several hundred members, one of whom may have the expertise or knowledge to help you. Any topic related to family history may be discussed including location of records, what has happened to old streets and buildings and new information sources on the world wide web. Some members will undertake look-ups in local archives and record offices. There have even been exchanges of recipes for tripe and parkin (though not, I hasten to add, in the same dish!)

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