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The member area contains a large number of databases and document files to which access is limited to MLFHS members only. New information is constantly being added both as we digitise some of our printed collection and as society projects deliver new data sets. This listing is therefore possibly slightly lagging on the actual member area content.

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Searchable Databases

Manchester Cremation Obituaries
Over seven thousand newspaper death notices and obituaries relating to persons cremated at Manchester Crematorium 1900-1940

Memorial Inscriptions
Index of some 76,000 names appearing on 20,000 memorials in 47 Manchester, Salford and Bolton burial grounds. Search results include full transcripts of memorials. Many of these memorials no longer exist.

Burial Registers
Index to over 487,000 burials appearing in the burial registers for 47 Manchester, Salford and Oldham burial grounds. Search results provide full register details.

1851 Unfilmed Census
Searchable transcript to those parts of Manchester, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Salford, Oldham and Ashton-under-Lyne which were water damaged and not filmed (or for which the films are not readily readable) as transcribed by MLFHS volunteers. Provides full as-enumerated pages recovered.

1841 Street Index for Manchester and Salford
Provides HO107 piece and enumeration district details for 5,922 streets and named buildings in the Manchester and Salford census returns.

1934 Lancashire Street Atlas
A digitised street atlas for Lancashire with a searchable index of over 44,000 streets. Map pages displayed as pdf documents. C

Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll
Searchable list of 17,826 signatories to the roll transcribed from Volumes 27 and 28 of the roll.

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General Documents (pdf format)

Research Guide
The latest edition of the Research Guide is available free to MLFHS members.

Manchester Burial Grounds
Geoff Edge's listing of Manchester Burial Grounds and the whereabouts of registers and MIs. Formerly published as a book, now a handy bookmarked pdf file.

Manchester Crematorium Memorials
An index and transcript of inscriptions from niches and memorial plaques covering the period 1892-1940 (with a few later dated memorials).

Salford Absent Voters 1918
Voter registration lists were compiled for the General Election of 1918 and list (mostly) servicemen expected to be absent from their home address for the election. Gives names, addresses, rank, regiment and number.

Deserter Index
An index to details of Army deserters published in the Police Gazette between 1828 and 1840.

Prestwich Asylum Admissions 1851-1901
An index to patient admissions to Prestwich Asylum for the first 50 years from its opening.

Whittingham Hospital Admissions 1873-1913
An index to patient admissions to Whittingham Hospital (Asylum) for patients from Manchester and Salford between 1873 and 1913.

Manchester Police Index
An index to Manchester policemen from 1858 to 1918 based on enrolment records at Manchester Police Museum.

Metropolitan Vickers Ex-Apprentices 1902-1934
An index to Metropolitan Vickers ex-apprentices giving dates of apprenticeship and in many cases address in 1935 when this was published.

BMD Certificate Indexes
Indexes of miscellaneous BMD certificates held by the Society.

Old Stretford
A lecture delivered to the members and friends of the Stretford Institute on 19 February 1878 by Mr. John E. Bailey FSA. Full text.

Missing Persons from the Manchester Times
Index of missing person advertisements published in the Manchester Times. These advertisements generally relate to persons with whom the advertiser has lost contact rather than those who have "disappeared".

Manchester Petition for the Abolition of the Slave Trade
Lists of the names appearing on the petitions for and (a smaller one) against the abolition of the slave trade. Includes notes on a number of those named.

Manchester Cholera 1832
Alphabetical List of the first 200 victims of the cholera epidemic of 1832 as recorded by Henry Gaulter MD.

Schoolmasters in 1841
Alphabetical List of Masters, Mistresses, Governors, Professors and Assistants in Schools in Manchester & Salford extracted from Pigot & Slaterís Directory of Manchester & Salford, 1841

Manchester Grand Jurors
Alphabetical List and lists by jury of 3,388 members of the grand juries of Manchester Quarter Sessions between 1850 and 1900 compiled by Joseph Hilditch

Marriage Witness Index
Alphabetical List of around 1,800 witnesses to marriages at Ancoats, All Saints (1921-1930) and Ardwick, St. Matthew (1910-1930) compiled by Joseph Hilditch

Manchester Fish and Chip Workers 1939
Alphabetical List of people working in the fish and chip trade in Manchester in the 1939 Register, compiled by Joseph Hilditch (76kb)

Lancashire Schools in 1924
Alphabetical List of Schools in Manchester & Salford extracted from Kelly's Directory of Lancashire for 1924.

Lancashire Gamekeepers Tax 1791
Names of gamekeepers and their employers with notes on many of the employers.

Kennedy's and McConnel's Mills Manchester Employees 1833
Extracted from Dr Hawkin's Appendix to the Factory Commission Report of 1833, p293-294). There are four lists: McConnel's Mill Employees Married men employed in McConnel & Kennedy's Factories March 1819, McConnel & Kennedy Married Men Persons employed in James Kennedy's Pickford Street Mill April 1818, Kennedy's Mill Pickford Street Employees Persons employed in James Kennedy's Great Ancoats Street Mill April 1818, Kennedy's Mill Great Ancoats Street Employees.

Manchester Prisoner Licences
A list of prisoners (mostly female) related to Manchester and released from prison under licence between 1853 and 1887. Includes personal details and TNA PCOM3 and PCOM4 references. Extracted from TNA online index.

Stockport, St. Mary Marriages 1799-1837
An index to marriages by names of brides and grooms. Includes marital status of parties, occupation of groom and whether by licence. Residence is also given for a number of parties living outside the parish. PLEASE NOTE that this index is imperfect.

Call to Arms
Soldiers who responded to the call for arms in January 1900. All the men listed are from the 1st, 2nd and 4th Battalion Manchester Volunteers and the 5th Volunteer Battalion Manchester Regiment (V.B.M.R). (16kb)

Crew Cash Advances 1916-1917
Three lists of cash advances to crew of SS Manchester.

City of Rome Passenger Lists
Two nineteenth century passenger lists relating to voyages of the Anchor Line's 'City of Rome' between Liverpool and New York in 1887-8.

Lancashire and Cheshire Workhouse Addresses
From 1904 onwards, where a child was born in a workhouse, only the address of the workhouse was entered on the birth certificate and not the name of the workhouse. This list created by Lynne Wilkinson gives the addresses of Lancashire and Cheshire workhouses.

Lancashire Workhouse Inmates 1861
Names of 1,200 inmates of Lancashire workhouses who had been resident in the workhouse for more than 5 years.

Bury Workhouse Registers Admissions and Discharges
3 February 1864 to 24 September 1867 to 29 March 1871 to 24 December 1878 Burials 26 July 1858 to April 1916 The information contained in these documents was transcribed from the Bury Workhouse admission/discharge and burial registers.

Salford Poor Law Documents
List of surnames for which information is available.

Salford Tenants
Three lists of Salford tenants circa 1891-2 whose properties were affected by proposed expansion of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.

Salford Workhouse Visiting Committee Minutes
Index to names with summary details extracted from the Visiting Committee Minute Books 1865-1915.

Swinton Industrial Schools Discharges
Index to names with summary details extracted from the Discharge Registers 1846-1922 (not all entries)

Salford Friendly Funeral Society
Recipients of funeral benefits 1844-1845 and 1849-1859.

Salford Motor Vehicle Registrations
An index of motor vehicles by plate and owner for Salford c1903-1920. Transcribed by George Dawes.
Stretford 1881 Street Index
An index of streets in the 1881 census for Stretford Pieces RG11/3885-3888

Hardshaw East Quaker Marriages
An index to marriages 1837-1999 performed at meeting houses within the Hardshaw East Society of friends (Quaker) Monthly Meeting. This index covers marriages at Manchester, Leigh, Westhoughton, Warrington, Ashton-on-Mersey and other meeting houses. Gives date of marriage, meeting house and LancashireBMD reference.

Account Book of Casey's Charity 1794-1847
Casey's Charity was a charity which provided support to Manchester's poor Catholics. Includes transcript of account book and index of 13,825 names.

Manchester Historical Recorder
Historical events in Manchester arranged chronologically from 500BC to 1874. Lists numerous deaths, fires, floods, visitors and other events.

Odd Fellows Magazine - Marriages and Deaths
A transcript of about 200 marriages (indexed by both brides and grooms) and 200 deaths announced in the Odd Fellows Magazine. These are dated mostly between 1838 and 1841.

Electoral Roll for Pemberton Street, Hightown, Cheetham 1939

Poor Rate Book for Pendlebury 1852
Lists owners and occupiers of over 500 properties. Listed in reference number, occupier name and owner name order.

Poor Rate Book for Chorlton-on-Medlock 1851
Lists owners and occupiers of over 7,500 properties. Listed in reference number, occupier name and owner name order.

Lancashire Bastardy and Removal Orders
Transcribed by Mark Campbell. Bastardy orders covering 1802-1841 (with gaps) and Removal orders 1703-1845 (with gaps) from Lancashire Quarter Sessions records. Originals now available on web database.

Men of Rorke's Drift
Originally published in The Manchester Genealogist 33/2 (1997). Biographical details of several of the men involved in this battle.

Manchester Faces and Places
An index to this series of publications 1898-1906. Includes over 1000 names relating to biographies of Manchester's more prominent citizens.

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Bolton Documents (pdf format)

Bolton Newspaper Extracts
Extracts relating to Bolton and its people from early newspapers covering the period 1724 to 1790. A wide variety of topics is covered.

Dukes Alley Chapel
Dukes Alley Chapel was established as an Independent chapel in 1754 and continued, with some changes of denomination, until it finally closed in 1960, to be demolished in 1968. Includes a history of the chapel, a list of seat-holders and details of memorials both inside the chapel and in the graveyard.

Great Bolton Census 1811
Alphabetical list of those named in the 1811 census. No personal details recorded but may be useful in proving that named persons were present at this time.

Great Bolton Census 1821
Alphabetical list of those named in the 1821 census. No personal details recorded but may be useful in proving that named persons were present at this time.

Great Bolton Census 1831
Alphabetical list of those named in the 1831 census. No personal details recorded but may be useful in proving that named persons were present at this time.

Bolton Directory 1818
This early directory contains the names of Bolton's principal residents and tradesmen. Includes street listing (Click Here for street index only). Includes listings for Chowbent and Leigh.

Bolton Directory 1829
This early directory contains the names of Bolton's principal residents and tradesmen. Includes street listing.

Bolton Grammar School History
Includes List of Trustees 1658-1879 & List of Headmasters & Ushers 1658-1882

Bolton Grammar School Boys 1808-1855
Names of boys attending Bolton Grammar School. Includes addresses (for most) and year of admission to the school.

Bolton Workhouse Births 1839-1926
Names of children born in the workhouse. Includes names of parents and details of stillbirths.

Bolton-le-Moors Poor Rate Assessment Index 1686
A name index to the poor rate assessment.

Records of Turton Manor Court 1737-1850
Scanned copy of the records published as a book in 1909. Includes indexes of names and places. This is a large document split, for convenience, into several parts.

Halliwell Poor Rate Assessment 1798-1812
A transcript of the poor rate assessment with name index.

Great Bolton Poor Rate Assessment Index 1805
An index to the poor rate assessment by names and streets.

Bolton Poor Rate Assessment Index 1811
An index to the poor rate assessment by names and streets - includes Bolton map.

Little Bolton Poor Rate Assessment Index 1831
An index to the poor rate assessment by names and streets.

Bolton Cotton Factory Workers 1802
A list of over 500 cotton factory workers giving their occupations and the names of the factories in which they worked.

St. John, Latimer St.
Baptisms 1849-54 Full transcript of the register entries.

Bolton Light Horse Muster Roll 1805
Full transcript of the roll with extensive notes on several of those named.

Various Muster Rolls
A variety of muster rolls dating between 1802 and 1886.

Bolton Soldiers Index 1806-1838
Index of soldierís born in the parishes of Bolton-le-Moors and Deane. Part of a larger index compiled by Mr J.D. Beckett published by the Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society on microfiche.

History of Cooperation in Horwich 1862-1912
Jubilee souvenir of Horwich Industrial Cooperative Society. History of the society with illustrations and photos of the principal officers

Horwich Independent Methodist Church and School 1862-1912
History of the church and school with illustrations and photos of ministers etc.

Bolton New Library 1824
List of subscribers with additional notes on some of the subscribers by J.D. Greenhalgh.

Edgworth Census 1801
With additional place names and comments dated Feb. 25th 1802.

Breightmet Volunteers 1803
List of subscribers with additional notes on some of the subscribers by J.D. Greenhalgh.

Breightmet Window Tax 1784
With additional notes on some of the residents by J.D. Greenhalgh.

Breightmet Census 1801
With additional notes on some of the residents by J.D. Greenhalgh.

Westhoughton Office Holders
Lists of churchwardens, constables and overseers.

Extracts from the Diary of James Close (1900-1971)
Extracts covering 1928-1959. Mentions many Horwich events and people.

A Blackrod Diary
Extracts covering principally 1876-1907 though a few earlier and later entries. Mentions many local events and people. Includes images of the diary.

Dobson & Barlow Strike 1831
A round-robin letter demanding changes to working hours. Signed by 134 employees.

Little Lever Cow Club 1805
Rules and membership, with biographical notes, of this early mutual insurance club.

New Volunteers Muster Rolls
Muster rolls for 1802, 1805, 1859 and 1886 with names and ranks.

Worsley and Hulton Court Rolls 1581-1888
Abstracts from the court rolls of the manor Worsley and Hulton by C. E. Mollineux

Protestation Returns 1642-1643
Information about the Protestation Returns 1642-1643 with list of locations of transcripts, list of officers for Bolton and Deane and transcripts for Entwistle, Edgworth and Quarlton.

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Oldham Documents (pdf format)

Chadderton Service Burials
Register of servicemen buried in Chadderton Cemetery. This short index contains full register details and a link to scanned copies of the original register.

Chadderton Stillbirth Registers
Register of stillborn babies buried in Chadderton Cemetery. This index contains full register details and a link to scanned copies of the original register.

Middleton Marriage Index
Index to over 3,500 marriages at 13, mostly nonconformist, churches in and around Middleton.

Middleton Baptism Index
Index to about 27,000 baptisms at 9, mostly nonconformist, churches in and around Middleton.

Oldham Mill Managers, Secretaries and Salesmen 1891
Alphabetical list of mill managers, secretaries and salesmen which dates usefully for follow-up in the 1891 census returns.

Oldham Schools 1924
Details of schools in Oldham from Kelly's Directory of 1924.

Oldham Absent Voters 1918
Dorothy Bintley has compiled this index to those voters absent from their homes, mostly but not all on military service, at the time of the 1918 General Election.

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Scottish Documents (pdf format)

Baptism Rolls
This register records the baptism of 10,000 children [and a few adults] taken from the registers of 15 Presbyterian churches from 1802 to 1970. The date and place of birth are recorded as are the names of the parents, the maiden name of the mother [in most cases ] and the occupation of the father.

Communion Rolls
It was the custom of the Presbyterian Church to record the attendance of each member at the communion service held 4 times in the year. This is the main register in the collection containing 78,000 records taken from 19 churches. The records cover a period from 1808 to 1979 and include the names and addresses of each member and adherent.

Wellingtons Forgotten Men
This listing of Scottish-born soldiers was originally published in four parts in Volume 28 of the Manchester Genealogist in 1992.

Scottish Emigrants
An index of over 5,000 Scottish-born people found in records outside Scotland.

Paisley Voters in 1847
Extracted by John Marsden. Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist Volume 33 Issue 2 (1997). Includes names, occupations and addresses of over 1000 persons registered to vote at Paisley in 1847.

Scottish Baptisms in Wigan
A list of baptisms between 1809 and 1836 at St Paul's Independent Church in Wigan of the children of Scottish people who had married local girls. Compiled by Mark Campbell.

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Manchester Genealogist Back Issues (pdf format)

A complete set of back issues from 2004 to the present plus a few early issues including Issue 1. Separate contents page shown for each issue.

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Exchange Journals (pdf format)

Still in its infancy. Where other societies have supplied electronic versions of their journals in electronic form and agreed to publication, they will be made available here.

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